Our kale, moringa and green papaya facial mask allows you to create a detoxifing yet nourishing mask, fresh in a matter of seconds. This nutrient dense super mask offers unique benefits from its nourishing ingredients. It detoxifies, cleanses pores, removes blackheads and whiteheads and controls sebum production, leaving you with clean, soft skin. This mask is rich in antioxidants, fights inflammation and feeds skin with natural vitamins which balances the skins pH. It also brightens the complextion leaving you with a natural glow. 



Why are our masks in a powdered form? 

When liquid is introduced to skin care products, if adequate preservatives are not added, they can easily grow mold and bacteria thus reducing their shelf life. By giving you these ingredients in the dry form, it allows you to have a completely natural product with no harsh chemicals or preservatives. 



Size: 0.4 oz

No Preservatives . Organic . 100% Natural 


For all skin types.

Kale, Moringa and Green Papaya Face Mask

SKU: 180005
  • Our ingredients are always 100% natural. 



    kale . moringa . green papaya . green tea . aloe vera . bentonite clay . chamomile powder . actiavted charcoal . lemon essential oil . tea tree essential oil