Size: 4 fl.oz


This hair serum contains a hydrating blend of over 13 organic butters and oils which condition, nourish, grow, thicken and maintain healthy hair. 

It increases scalp circulation which stimulates the hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth.

Our blend soothes inflammation of the scalp including dandruff, flaky scalp and psoriasis.


Our Healhty Hair Growth Serum effectively deals with split ends, hair loss, receding hairline, thinning hair, dry hair, dandruff and flaky scalp.  

No Preservatives . Organic . 100% Natural 


Suited for all ages and all hair types.

Healthy Hair Growth Serum

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  • Our ingredients are always 100% natural. 


    - Sweet Almond Oil: nutrient dense oil which penetrates the hair shaft, delivering vitamins essential for hair growth. 

    - Jamaican Black Castor Oil: moisturizes, thickens and stenghtens hair and stimulates hair growth.

    - Vitamin E: antioxidant properties that repair famaged hair, prevents breakage and brittle hair. 

    - Cocoa Butter

    - Shea Butter

    - Mango Butter: triple butter blend mositurizes and promotes collagen proudction for healthy hair. balances sebum production. controls oily scalp. 

    - Coconut Oil: stimulates hair follicles to encourage hair growth. fights dandruff and prevents breakage and split ends.

    - Olive Oil: promotes scalp health. prevents dandruff, fungus ad flaky scalp.

    - Argan Oil: mositurizes and promotes growth of healthy, strong hair. 

    - Rosemary Oil

    - Tea Tree Oil

    - Peppermint Oil

    - Frankincense Oil: essential oil blend stimulates circulation and prevents hair loss. prevents premature graying.